James D. Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank Group, visited Ukraine
Mr. Wolfensohn met with the representatives of the Government of Ukraine, private sector and civil society.
Mr. Wolfensohn was interested to learn the development of high-tech in Ukraine and visited Kvazar-Micro Corporation, which is one of the UDG partners. UDG team made presentation of Ukraine Gateway Project, its development and perspectives.
At the picture from the popular All-Ukrainian daily newspaper “Den’” you may see Mr. Wolfensohn, Pieter Stek (Executive Director, WB), Andrei Mikhnev (Operations Officer, WB RM Ukraine), Josef Zahorjan (Deputy UNDP Resident Representative) and Andrei Krasnopoyas (Deputy Country Team leader, WB UDG), discussing the issues on the development of the Gateway in Ukraine



Information on “National Anticorruption Program” is added to “NGO’s” sub-section of “Society & Culture”. It provides a professional overview of current NGOs activity on the matter. The content is provided by “Freedom of Choice” Coalition of NGOs of Ukraine.
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The World Bank in collaboration with the Government of Ukraine is planning to prepare a Country Procurement Assessment Report (CPAR) for Ukraine. CPAR shall address the topics relating to public and private sector procurement environment in Ukraine:
Legal Framework
Trade Practices
Financial Framework
Public Sector Procurement of Goods/Works
Public Sector Selection of Consultants
Procurement Performance
Private Sector Procurement
Anti-corruption in Procurement
Other Related Information

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The press-conference “UANet development related problems” in Real Video mode. The participants of the conference:
Mr. Baranov, first deputy chairman of the State committee of communications & information of Ukraine,
Mr. Zinchenko, head of the communication and informatization committee of Parliament of Ukraine,
Mr. Mikhnev, Private Sector Development Officer of the WB Country Office in Ukraine,
Mr. Ilynskiy, head of the department of international economy and cooperation with international financial organizations of Ministry of Economy of Ukraine,
Mr. Aleykin, PriceWaterhouseCoopers.


Background of the Ukraine Development Gateway Project

The Internet-related technologies have become significant engines for economic growth and productivity and are opening new opportunities for various aspects of learning, the social life and public policy. Adoption of these technologies entails higher living standards and better quality of life. However, in the meantime the richest countries are enjoying the vast majority of these benefits. World Bank has initiated the Global Development Gateway project, aimed at creating the network of national development gateways.
It involved several organizations, such as World Bank Group, UNDP, Governments of participation countries and corporate sector representatives. This group of partners is creating the network of national portals under the Global Gateway network umbrella. The goal of the Gateway network is to encourage the distribution of wide array of knowledge about the developing countries and to boost the development and use of the Internet in these countries.
By this time, the number of countries (such as Ukraine, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Romania) has joint the initiative and are at the beginning stages of developing the web portals. Ukraine Development Gateway Project (from herein – UDG) is an integral part of the Global Development Gateway Project. From March 2000 the group of Ukrainian companies and organizations is preparing for the development of the national Gateway. As a result, a Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Ukraine, Ministry of Economy, UCER&PSD, the World Bank Group and the United Nations Development Program was signed regarding cooperation on “Global Development Gateway” project.
According to the Memorandum, the project will include creation and support of the wide-scale web site Gateway Ukraine, with the main objective of presenting comprehensive and adequate information about Ukraine, disseminating information about Ukraine. The demo site of the Gateway Ukraine was launched on July 5, 2000. The site will be actively developed and would provide many services – topic and user “guides,” online training modules, best practice analyses, case studies, product reviews, news, jobs, and directories, etc.