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The Concepts of the Ukraine Development Gateway Project

Mission of the Gateway Ukraine Project:
To create a leading, comprehensive portal aimed at facilitating access to high quality country-specific development information and solutions for governments, private sector, development partners and civil society.

The Ukraine Development Gateway Project will strive to become an organization that provide platform and opportunities to unite and coordinate the efforts of Government, Civil Society, Public and Private sectors and International Organizations in the common information space.

The main goals of the Ukraine Development Gateway are the following:

§ Reduce the digital divide between Ukraine and broad international community, promote integration of the country into the increasingly digitized world economy;
§ Promote social and economic development and poverty eradication;
§ Facilitate creation and sharing of local knowledge, solutions and opportunities in Ukraine;
§ Facilitate national dialogue and emergence of a shared vision for development;
§ Catalyze development of the “new economy”: promote e-commerce, e-banking, e-government, e-training and e-communities;
§ Improve global competitiveness of Ukraine enterprises, enhance their reputation as attractive business partner;

The specific objectives of the Ukraine Development Gateway include:

§ Leverage the capacity of the governments, the private sector, donors, professionals and civil society, as well as common people to use the Internet as a cost-effective tool for development, business and poverty alleviation;
§ Mobilize private finance to develop Internet infrastructure;
§ Improve coordination of development assistance and facilitate win-win partnerships.
§ Enhance institutional transparency and quality of governance;
§ Build, mobilize, and upgrade local content and capacity, facilitate the expert dialogues on the variety of issues;
§ Create a common information, communication, transaction and training space on the Internet., provide opportunities and incentives for moving various interactions online;
§ Strengthen competition and price transparency, lower transaction costs, improve the efficiency of markets in Ukraine.

The structure of the Gateway Ukraine Portal

The Global Gateway will operate as a network of regional (national, sub-national and municipal) gateways. Country Gateways will be the primary driving force and lifeblood for the Global Gateway network. Ukraine Development Gateway will share a common structure with Global Gateway and the rest of Country Gateways and will be implemented on a standardized IT platform. Regional dimension will approach the audience on various levels and will allow different degree of detailsation:
· Country Gateways (e.g. Gateway to Ukraine)
· Sub-regional gateways (e.g. Gateway to Western NIS)
· Regional gateways (e.g. Gateway to Vinnitscka Oblast) and
· Municipal gateways (e.g. Gateway to Lugansk)

Thematic communities dimension will include vertical portals serving clients organized initially into four main stakeholder groups:
· Private Sector Gateway
· Government Gateway
· Donors Gateway
· People and Communities Gateway
With further development, specialized communities of interest will be added (e.g. Mayors Gateway, Health Care Gateway or Infrastructure Gateway).

Functional dimension will unite regional and thematic communities on the same technological platform by providing them with the following services:

· Public Information Center: Your Gateway to Ukraine - entry page, standard portal features plus basic content on development organized by stakeholder groups and themes. Serving basic needs for development information.

These resources will be presented in innovative ways and tailored for special audiences – such as policymakers and their advisors, local government officials, investors, community activists, and individuals. A preliminary list of the wide range of development topics that are currently covered includes the following:

Preliminary list of Gateway Ukraine topics
Topic heading Topic content
Country guide
State & Authorities
International Organizations
Business & Economy
Privatization & Investment

Education & Research
Society & Culture
Health & Ecology
Mass Media
Sport & Entertainment
Welcome to Ukraine
State system
Donor organizations/programs in Ukraine
Information on B&E development
Information on privatization and investments opportunities in Ukraine
Educational system, distance learning
NGOs, social organizations, culture events
Health system
Mass media presented in Ukraine

· Communication Center: Ukraine Development Forum - serving communications needs of various development communities of interest, including donors, government, business, academia and NGOs; discussion spaces for the exchange of views among development stakeholders;

The main purpose of Ukraine Development Forum is to encourage co-operation within communities in the search for solutions to foster local development. It will be established to ensure transparency among the various vertical communities and provide feedback mechanisms. It will also offer an alternative to traditional discussions at a lower cost and gathering a broader participation at the same time.

· Knowledge Center: Ukraine Knowledge Bank- serving development knowledge needs, providing premium information on national, regional and local development goals and strategies; content, data and knowledge resources tailored to local development needs; opportunities for local agencies, development banks, and civil society to input information about their current development activities.

· Transaction Center: Ukraine Development Marketplace - serving transactions needs. It will provide a common national platform for online transactions, advertising and marketing to all communities hosted on the Country Gateway.

· Learning Center: Ukraine Development University - serving development training/learning needs online. The Learning center will provide a common national platform for distance education for all universities and specialized schools and learning centers. It will facilitate the implementation of standardized curriculums in a variety of areas across the country, interactive tests and examinations.

· Hosting Center: My Gateway (customization, hosting, and workspace platform) - virtual offices of Gateway partners/users plus customized access to various Gateway platforms; serving hosting and workspace needs. The Gateway will host virtual offices for each type of organization (Government, Civil Society and Private Sector) which, for a fee, will give stakeholders low-cost high-impact access to foreign markets and partners. This may become a substantial financing source for the project and will serve as a basis for the long-term viability of the project.

Ukraine development Gateway will be developed in Ukrainian language and one or more international languages (most likely English and Russian). There will be a rich set of links between the Ukraine Gateways and the Global Gateway, with information and data flowing in both directions.

Partnership Strategy of the Gateway Ukraine

Partnerships are essential for the success of the UDG – to support better development outcomes, help mobilize funds, supply content, and create a “meeting place” for user communities. The UDG is fundamentally about strengthening and creating development partnerships.. A variety of partnership functions are being envisioned, including content provision, funding, and the provision of technology and services.

Various partners will be able to take advantage of co-branding opportunities, obtaining access to previously inaccessible instruments of doing business; getting possibility of occupying a leading position in the market in their sphere, access to new markets, cut back costs level, increase efficiency, possibility of successful capital investment. Clarifying the role and responsibilities of future partners is a critical and urgent task, and the UDG team welcomes suggestions.

The Government of Ukraine is one of the most interested and influential stakeholders of the Gateway project. Its participation and support is crucial for the Gateway Ukraine success. Only with the strong Government support the project could reach its ambitious goal of integrating Ukraine in the new emerging Networked Economy. The UDG project will enable the Ukrainian government to benefit from the advantages of the Internet revolution, simultaneously alleviating the threats posed by the growing usage of the Internet.

A major focus of the government area will be on promoting e-government and supporting the building of an information economy. The Gateway will facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience in using the Internet for providing citizen access to government, for streamlining government services, and building government systems that support commerce such as efficient and transparent online procurement. It will enhance transparency and cut costs of performing a number of key government functions, such as registration of new businesses and licensing, collection of tax forms, procurement, privatization announcements and tenders.

International Organizations
The effectiveness of foreign aid is impaired by deficient information, fragmentation, and lack of coordination. To address these shortcomings, Gateway Ukraine will create Aid Effectiveness Exchange by facilitating access to comprehensive data and (over time) textual information on aid-financed development activities UDG will supply the donors with a platform for sharing their experience in specific fields, developing partnerships and getting access to high-quality development information generated by key development partners in a networked fashion. It will cover data related to financial flows, information on projects and programs (current and planned), and knowledge related to lessons learned and best practice, enable efficient resource mobilization and allocation; promote transparency and competition; and facilitate the exchange of resources and ideas. An open information architecture will be pursued to the extent possible, permitting access to, and buy-in by, all legitimate stakeholders.

Private Sector
Gateway Ukraine will become an ultimate source for the information and tools for doing business in the new Networked Economy space. To promote doing business in new way and facilitate the rapid adoption of e-business standards in Ukraine, the Marketplace will be created within the Gateway Ukraine.

The Marketplace concept consists of two sub-components, each focusing on a specific “marketplace” or target group – The Foreign Direct Investment Zone and the Small Business Zone. These will provide linkages to relevant resources and services already available on the Web, particularly those provided by the WBG, other development agencies, and private sector partners. They will also host new information and transaction support services developed by the Gateway and its partners.

Civil Society
The gateway Ukraine will build on and leverage existing networks and information and communication sources to create a platform that brings together civil society organizations, governments, donors, and the private sector to share common concerns and ideas and to cooperate in responding to development challenges. To serve this purpose, a Civil Society Forum will be developed within the Ukraine Gateway.

UDG through the Civil Society Forum will help the poor and disadvantaged communities help themselves by providing them with the opportunity to get low-cost access to the Internet; acquire new skills and learn how to apply them; overcome the obstacles created by geographical remoteness, poor education, training and employment opportunities in their locations, underdeveloped infrastructure or expensive access to it.

Invitation to collaboration

To fully realize the concept outlined in this Memorandum, support from the development community of Ukraine is critical. Particularly, support from the Ukraine government along with assistance from donor organizations are vital for the successful implementation the Project. We also welcome partners from private sector, NGOs, civil society groups, academic institutions, mass-media and so on.

The Project is open to any stakeholder that may provide the Project with funding, content, information quality control, web-site hosting, design and computer skills, promotion tools, facilities, and so on.

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