Agricultural Sector: New Conditions of Functioning

  • Reforming of collective agricultural enterprises based on property rights;
  • Introduction of market mechanisms in the system of providing rural area with materials and machinery;
  • New mechanisms of Agro-Industrial Complex crediting: offsetting of the part of commercial banks credits by Government by 175 mill. hrv. (50% of NBU interest rate);
  • Remained credit liabilities as of June 1 are 689 mill. hrv.; by 76,7% since the beginning of the year (over 1999 – by 18,5%);
  • Writing off and restructuring of preceding years liabilities of enterprises that were reformed;
  • Activation in forming and functioning of agricultural market infrastructure.

Reforming of Agricultural Sector

  • 11276 entities were reorganized , and 13279 new agrarian entities were created based on them;
  • 6,2 million people received certificates that prove the right for land share;
  • 5,6 million people (90 percent) set up agreements for lease of land shares and 4,05 million people (64 percent) for lease of property.