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Ukraine, is an independent state, situates in the central part of Europe. It is one of the biggest European countries. The area is 603.7 thousand square kilometers. By its territory and population Ukraine could be compared to France. The neighbours of Ukraine are: Bilorus, Russia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Poland and Slovakia. To the South Ukraine is washed with Black Sea and Sea of Azov. The country has the sea boarders with Turkey, Bulgaria and Georgia.
The population of Ukraine is about 50 million people, including urban population - 68% and rural population - 32%. Density of population takes 85 people per square kilometer. The biggest cities are Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Odesa, Lviv.

Besides Ukrainians, representatives of more than 110 ethnic groups live here. Ukrainians make 73% of population, Russians - 22%. Jews, Bilorussians, Moldavians, Bulgarians, Polishes, Hungarians, Greeks and other makes 5%. Ukrainian language is a native language of 66%, Russian is of 33% of population.
Religious life of the country is influenced by three Orthodox Church institutions, Greek Catholic and Rome Catholic churches, but the historically traditional religion is orthodoxy. Protestants, Israelites and Moslems comprise 5% from the total quantity of believers.