Ukraine, is an independent state, located in Eastern Europe, between Poland and Russia, its geographic coordinates: 49 00 N, 32 00 E. With the total area of 603,700 sq km (about the size of France) it is the second-large country in Europe . Total land boundaries are 4,558 km. Ukraine is bordered by Belarus on the north (891 km), the Russian Federation on the northeast and east (1576 km), the Black Sea and Sea of Azov on the south (coastline 2782 km), Romania (531 km) and Moldova (939 km) on the southwest and Hungary (103 km), Slovakia (90 km) and Poland (428 km) on the west.
Ukraine’s territory consists primarily of steppes (vast plains) and plateaus, which seldom reach an elevation of 350 meters above sea level. The Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains (highest point at 2061 meters) extend to the westernmost part of the country and the Crimean Mountains (highest point at 1545 meters) are on the southernmost end.
The country enjoys temperate continental climate, with fairly cold winters and warm summers. The southern Crimean coast has warm mediterranean climate. Natural precipitation is disproportionately distributed, highest in west and north, lesser in east and southeast.
The most important river in Ukraine is the Dnipro, the third longest river in Europe. It serves as a major source of hydroelectric power. Other major rivers include the Danube, Western Buh, the Tisza, the Pripyat, and the Desna.
The biggest cities are Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Odesa, Lviv