Geographical Position and Natural Conditions

Kyiv is the biggest city in Ukraine (2626 thousand inhebitants). Its position is extremely propitious because it situates in the center of Europe. Natural conditions are very favourable; they are typical for Polissia and forest-steppe zones. The climate is moderate continental, comparatively mild in winter and warm in summer. The average temperature of January -6,1, of July +19,2. The average quantity of precipitation per year - about 600 mm. Kyiv is considered to be the green city. There 41 natural and artificial forest-parks and parks there. The green zone area is 43.6 thousand hectares, which comprises 168 square meters of green plantations per one inhebitant. Kyiv is situated on the banks of the biggest waterway of the country - Dniper. In its middle flow the river forms numerous straits and creeks, which makes Kyiv more beautiful.


The leading place in the structure of industrial production of the city is taken by food industry, power industry, machine-building and metal-processing. Part of non-food products makes 61% of the total consumer goods production. Among other regions of Ukraine Kyiv is taken the first place by:

  • the production of light industry and non-food   products;
  • the quantity of chemical industry enterprises;
  • the volume of capital inputs per capita;
  • the volume of retail turnover;
  • the volume of retail turnover per capita;
  • the volumes of incomes from paid services   rendering;
  • the volume of retail trade.

Kyiv possesses the third place in Ukraine by the quantity of the enterprises in the fields of machine-building, leather, fur and foot-wear industry and also by the volume of construction and mounting works and amount of capital investments. There numerous uncompleted constructions, which could be used to realise the investment project in the field of production as well as in the field of services.

Financial Activity

Kyiv is the financial center of Ukraine. Here one can find head-quarters of 18 from 30 biggest Ukrainian commercial banks. 5 banks of the capital possess three quarters of Ukrainian commercial banks assets. 70% of investment funds and companies are registered in Kyiv. 12 of them are among the 20 biggest in the country. About 40% of the biggest insurance companies are also registered there.

Infrastructure of Communications

Kyiv telephone net is the biggest in the country. 26 of 140 district automatic telephone stations are digital, and optical and fiber net makes 15% of the total length of phone cable nets.
The city is situated at the crossing of railroads. They connected the capital of the country practically with all capitals of Europe and Baltic countries, and also with all big cities of Russia, Belarus and big cities of Ukraine. 9 railway freight stations provides for cargo transiting through Kyiv. The city is serviced by two international airports: "Boryspil" and "Kyiv". There are river freight and passenger ports. Transportation net of the city comprises 56 kilometers of metro lines, 287 kilometers of tram-ways, 330 kilometers of trolley-buses and 1350 kilometers of buses lines.


Governmental policy concerning economy privatisation is gradually implementing in the city: 4519 entities changed the form of property since the privatisation process began. 2899 of them were redeemed by companies of purchasers, 211 were sold at auctions, 470 - through the selling of joint-stock companies' stocks.
Now more than 80% of the big industrial enterprises in the city are non-state. They produce 97% of light industry products, 81% of food industry products and more than 72% of machine-building, metal-processing, timber products.

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