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Night Entertainment

There are many pleasant places in Kyiv where you can relax and have fun. Some of them are described below.


This entertainment complex has everything for you to have fun and enjoy your day all around the clock: Bon-Bon dessert cafe, a nightclub and a restaurant with a variety show. The atmosphere is very friendly, as well as somewhat exotic and elegant.
(tel.: 244-0347, 3 Leontovycha st.)

Budapest-city casino

The Europeancasino offers you to relax in a comfortable and quiet atmosphere. You have a choice of American or French roulette, Black Jack, Caribbean and American porker, or simply try your luck on the slot machine
(tel.: 244-0347, 3 Leontovycha st.)

Dynamo Lux
(nightclub, casino, disco)

Kyiv's oldest avant-garde club/restaurant. Boasting a 50-year tradition, Dynamo Lux offers first-class entertainment service, including one of the best discos and great shows in town.
(tel.: 229-2884, 3 Hrushevskoho st.)

(nightclub,disco, restaurant)

This entertainment complex is known so much probably because of the many services that it can offer to its patrons. It has a casino to gamble in, a restaurant to have a good dinner at, disco to dance at and a bar that offers a variety of drinks. It can hold many people, so it is a place where numerous parties are held.
(tel.: 435-4068, 134 Frunze st.)

(slot machine hall)

There are almost a hundred of slot machines and six pool tables available to you here. You are welcome to try sandwiches and pizzas in this small cozy bar.
(tel.: 295-4997, 34 Lesi Ukrainki blvd.)

(nightclub, casino)

Large entertainment complex, featuring Kyoto Japanese restaurant, Riviera restaurant, and English Pub with Yard-of-Ale contests. Joss performances program includes daily strip bar, "Black Room" magic show and "Vamp" thriller show.
(tel.: 516-8674, Tourist Hotel, Livoberezhna metro station)

River Palace
(nightclub, casino, disco, restaurant)

Well-known as a Kyiv's top entertainment spot, River Palace boasting a lively casino, a fantastic night club, great Fun bar, and "Le Jardin" restaurant, offering real French cuisineand the best value for money in Kyiv. Enjoy live music in the bar or restaurant, or dance to the latest hits in the night club.
(tel.: 516-8674, Naberezhne shose, next to Dnipro metro station)


Play roulette, black jack, poker or Russian billiards, or dance to the Disco Classic music. You vill have fun anyway
(tel.: 228-5877, 6 Prorizna st.)