American and Mexican Cuisine

Arizona BBQ
The seats and tables at this extremely popular bar-restaurant are always full. Decors is straight out of an American suburb, that is, the design is mock-up American Southwest. Tasty, if expensive, food options include steaks, ribs and nachos. Pool tables. Sunday brunch.
(tel.: 416-2438, 25 Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska st.)

Tequila House
This is a well respected Mexican restaurant in Kyiv. Besides truly authentic Mexican interior, it offers an impressive choise of tequila and the traditional Mexican food. You should have some Fajitas, Macho Chimichangas and a Sea Food Fiesta.
(tel.: 417-0358, 8 Spaska st.)

Asian Cuisine

Golden Dragon
A single joint venture owns two Chinese restaurants in Kyiv named Golden Dragon. The Povitroflotsky prospect location is the upscale vesion, with red carpet, Chinese wood carvings, abundant plants and a lot of tables. The smaller version on Saksahanskoho street stands out for its red pagoda entrance; inside, it is smaller and less elaborate. Menus are similar at the two sites, with portions sometimes larger than expected
(tel.: 276-1002, 25 Povitroflotsky prosp.
tel.: 224-0682, 129a Saksahanskoho st.)

Cozy restaurant on city's main street offers genuine Indian cuisine. Among the specialities are Tandori Rati, Nan, Shik Kebab and others
(tel.: 462-0437, 23 Khreshchatyk st.)

Beijing imperial cuisine is served by the waitresses dressed in traditional Chinese attire. Sit in either the dining hall or private booths, both decorated in authentic Chinese style. The specialities include Beijing Duck, Golden Dragon Fish and Emperor Chicken. Game room (chess), karaoke
(tel.: 269-6145, 57 Chygorina st.)

This lovely restaurant serving very fine Indian food is a "find" for everyone to whom it is recommended. What's more, it's one of the best dining bargains in Kyiv. The interior features interesting Indian wood-cuttings, and the staff is very friendly.
(tel.: 268-7200, 25 Litnya st.)

Any Westerner will find visiting this restaurant a real cultural experience. Traditional Chinese interior, cuisine, music and table serving are usual and add to the Oriental atmosphere. Convenient location riht next to Poshtova Ploscha. Club card for permanent clients.
(tel.: 416-5375, 11 Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska st.)

European Cuisine

The restaurant's Hungarian chef will cook a rich selection of European food for you, while you drink your Bordeaux or house cocktail "Chiconish" and enjoy the variety show. From 10 p.m. you can enjoy the live violin.
(tel.: 234-0347, 3 Leontovycha st.)

Great view of Kyiv and the Dnipro River. Chef offers a wide selection of fish dishes. "Old food in new style" is the slogan of this romantic restaurant. The restaurant has its own mooring.
(tel.: 553-9919, Dniprovska Naberezhna)

This restaurant features elaborate French and Continental dishes made by a French chef. The name is inspired by the live jazz music every day from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Excellent selection of wines. Interior is warm and rustic
(tel.: 274-1137, 14/2 Kyrylo-Mefodiyvska st.)

This restaurant offers you the unique chance to taste the best choice of the French and the most exclusive picks of Alsacian cuisine, together with assortiment of the best wine Leon Beyer from Alsace. Christian Mathis will meet you at the entrance and help you to feel comfortable and have a great time.
(tel.: 416-5524, 3/7 Mezhyhirska st.)

Le Jardin (River palace)
River Palace well known as Kyiv's top entertainment spot houses "Le Jardin" restaurant which has served consistently good food since its opening. At present "Le Jardin" is proposing a real French cuisine prepared by its French chef Oliver Lemaire. The meal is accompained by soft live music
(tel.: 416-8204, next to Dnipro metro station)

This eatery is generally considered to be one of the most prestigious dining places in Kyiv, often hosting VIP guests. The specialties include Renaissance Salmon, Renaissance Steak and others. The wine list is as impressive as the stylish pictures on the wall.
(tel.: 225-6183, 26 Shevchenka blvd.)

Authentic European and Ukrainian cuisines offered along with Viennese coffee. The atmosphere is enhanced by live piano and violin music. A good spot for business or pleasure dining at both lunch and dinner hours. Summer terrace is available. Pleasent place for business and special meetings.
(tel.: 229-2401, 11 Pushkinska st.)

Elegant is the world for this French restaurant. Located in a turn-of-the-century building, it aims to impress with its luxurious interior. New degustation menu every month. Sunday brunch: noon - 6 p.m.Breakfast by special arrangement. Catering for banquets, VIP receptions, weddings or private dinners.
(tel.: 416-2309, 27 Sahaydachnoho st.)

Jewish Cuisine
This is the only restaurant in Ukraine presenting the Ashkenasian Jewish cuisine. Here you can try the traditional stuffed gefilte fish, farshmack or humus, listening to the Conservatoire violin player performing the national Jewish tunes. Or you can enjoy the evening spent in the third hall where you can play pool or relax in a sauna.
(tel.: 417-2512, 57 Kostyantynivska st.)

Middle-Eastern Cuisine

This is the only restaurant in Ukraine presenting the Ashkenasian Jewish cuisine. Here you can try the traditional stuffed gefilte fish, farshmack or humus, listening to the Conservatoire violin player performing the national Jewish tunes. Or you can enjoy the evening spent in the third hall where you can play pool or relax in a sauna.
(tel.: 417-2512, 57 Kostyantynivska st.)

One of the most pleasant places in Kyiv featuring belly dancing. The menu presents the standard Arabic and European (as well as Ukrainian) dishes.
(tel.: 441-7481, 6/11 Sofiyi Perovskoyi st.)

Slavic Cuisine

The food is Russian and so is the cozy interior. The menu features sturgeon, mushrooms in cream sauce and much more. A moderately expensive evening. Exquisite bar, live music. Breakfast or lunch from noon to 5 p.m.
(tel.: 227-0702, 43/16 Chervonoarmiyska st.)

Knyazhiy Grad
The calm and business-like atmosphere is created in two rooms of the restaurant decorated in the Continental style, The restaurant's specialty is Ukrainian cuisine, and the most celebrated dish is the Knyazhiy Grad - Chopped Pork with mushrooms and salmon from Chef, Huge variety of Massandra wines.
(tel.: 229-8611, 2 Velyka Zhitomirska st.)

Great outdoor restaurant in a national style of former USSR republics. The menu offers the best of the former USSR cuisine: Georgian Khachapuri, Stuffed Aubergines, Pancakes with Caviar and many other great dishes. On barbeque tables, clients can prepare grill dishes themselves. Live music after 6 p.m.
(tel.: 290-3066, 42/1 Sichnevoho Povstannya st.)

Stara Fortetsia
The restaurant is prominent for its interior design: notice the fountain and the fireplace that give you a feeling of comfort in this big quiet place. The tavern part of the restaurant reminds of the chevalier hall with coat-of-arms on the walls,, plain wooden tables and benches. But the best thing about the Stara Fortetsia seems to be the beer brewed in the res-taurant's mini-brewery featuring three different types of beer.
(tel.: 294-3991, 4 Hospitalna st.)

Ukrainian Cuisine

Hostiniy Dvir
Located in the heart of Podil, in a building constructed in 1809, this restaurant is a realization of the XIX century Ukrainian atmosphere. The staff in Ukrainian costumes will meet you there, Ukrainian music will keep your company throughout the dinner, and the delicious Ukrainian dishes like crawfish yushka (soup) or pork with horse radish will be prepared upon the order especially for you.
(tel.: 416-6876, 4 Kontractova Ploscha)

This is a floating restaurant located on the Dnipro River, serving Ukrainian and European specialties. The restaurant has two levels, so there is enough room for all. The first level features the banquet hall. The house specialties include Varenyki, Holubtsi, Deruny, sausage, blood-pudding, and Beef in Coqnac Sauce.
(tel.: 416-8039, Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska st., pier 1)
Tsarske Selo
If you think that you have seen or tasted something authentically Ukrainian, you are wrong, unless you have visited this restaurant. The interior remindes Ukrainain village, with a traditional Ukrainian water mill, cattle, and a cossack. The friendly staff In Ukrainian national dress will serve the best of the Ukrainian cuisine to you: a variety of Varenyky, Deruny, Smazhenina and lots of other dishes. You will be amazed to see that all food is cooked in a traditional Ukrainan hearth.
(tel.: 573-9775, 42/1 Sichnevoho Povstannya st.)

This restaurant's dining hall is grand in appearance, featuring white interior. Overall, it is comfortable. The food is international, with many dishes of Ukrainian origin.
(tel.: 229-8614, 5-7 Shevchenko blvd.)


Cyber Cafe
Visitors can be devided for those who prefer a small bar and Internet users. Menu, featuring only drinks and snacks is fairly high-priced, but good quality.
(tel.: 228-0548, 21 Prorizna st.)

Internet Cafe
This Internet'cafe is different from the other ones of this sort, for, besides serving Internet, it offers a selection of European dishes for dining in.
(tel.: 559-7172, 7 Popudrenka st.)

Rock Cafe
The loud interior of this lively night-time hang-out in the cen-ter of town attracts a young crowd. Play pool, enjoy a well-stocked bar featuring leading Irish beers on tap.
(tel.: 228-7883, 10 Horodetskoho st.)


This bar with 7 pool tables is one of the most popular weekend hangouts in central Kyiv. The tables and the bar are usually filled to capacity, with both foreigners and Ukrainians taking their pick from a decent selection of food and drincks.
(tel.: 228-2970, 10/1 Horodetskoho st.)

This bit of England is located in the Tourist Hotel, near Livoberezhna metro station. It is fun to be here, with more than 20 types of beer, yard of ale, darts and skittles. Beer parties are held every last Friday of the month.
(tel.: 552-5091, 2 Raisy Okypnoi st.)

In this country style tavern you can dine in the surrounding of many celebrities like Pierre Cardin, Alain Delon or Thomas Anders whose photos decorate the walls. The tavern features traditional Italian cuisine, so here you can try various pastas and pastries as well as such specialties like shrimps or pancakes a-la-chef.
(tel.: 228-8142, 1 Lysenka st.)

The Wall
You may never suspect there is a cosy bar placed just in the heart of the city, in Besarabsky Rynok. This bar has vaulted ceiling, old stone work walls decorated with funny pictures, good lighting, digital TV, and friendly service. You can order dishes and drinks of both Ukrainian and European origin.
(tel.: 224-1259, 2 Besarabska pl.)