Business Development

There are around 18,000 firms (15 000 of which are small enterprises) and 57,000 self-employed individuals registered in Zaporizhzhya region. These self-employed persons supply goods and services with total value of approx. 900 mln. UAH per year (or 12,9% of the total volume of these activities in the region).
The main small business areas are trade, public catering, transport services, building and repair of living primacies, advertising, domestic service, etc.
Private enterprises employ over 103 thousand people, which is more than 11% of the population engaged in Zaporizhzhya economy. There are 4 business centers and one business-incubator in the region.

Since the start of the privatization campaign, 2,177 enterprises in the region have been privatized. Now 89% of all enterprises of the region are private.
The demonopolization of the meat and milk processing industries, mineral fertilizers supply and bread production has been completed in the region. In other areas like trade and transport this process is in progress.
In order to prevent monopolization all administrative documents must be coordinated with the local office of Antimonopolistic Committee.
In order to develop private business and minimize business risks, a regional program of business structures insurance protection is carried on.