Among the factors attractive for potential long-term investment projects attractiveness is the high level of education. Zaporizhzha region is not different from overall Ukraine’s literacy level of about 99%. Over 15% of the working age people (age from 25 to 64) have higher education with substantial part of degrees being in technical fields. Other 78% have completed high school or technical school education. This is traditionally so due to originally high demand for qualified personnel from highly developed industry in the region.
There are 13 higher education institutions and universities of highest 3-4 levels of accreditation. There are also 27 institutions of 1-2 levels of accreditation in the Zaporizhzhya region. There are also 14 technical schools in Zaporizhzhya providing technical education mainly in fields of Engineering, Industrial Technology, beginning Economics and Law.
Among the best known institutions are Zaporizhzhya State University, Zaporizhzhya engineering academy, Zaporizhzhya medical university, Zaporizhzhya technical university.