Zaporizhzhya region has prominent traditions, which are stipulated by its rich history. Historians and archaeologists confirm that the territory of Zaporizhzhya area was inhabited from prehistoric times. In IX-XII centuries this are were already compact populated. But in XII century the territory had suffered severe depopulation because of local wars and constant attacks of nomads. By the end of XV - and in the beginning of XVI century Zaporizhzhya Kozaks became the owners of the region. Difficult to access island of Khortitsya became the main control center of the Kozaks army, which has become the formidable force of the Ukrainian people in their struggle with foreign invaders. Zaporizhzhya became a cradle of Ukrainian democracy, because Zaporizhzhya Kozaks being the first to establish a political formation with all attributes of republic on territory of Modern Ukraine. In 1993 the National historic-cultural park "Khortitsya" was established, which includes all renowned regions previously controlled by Zaporizhzhya Kozaks.

By the end of 1770 Aleksandrovsk fortress was founded and has gradually developed into the city of Zaporizhzhya. At the end of XVIII century Zaporizhzhya became a trading center behind the Dnipro rapids, which was favored by shipping paths in a pool of Dnipro, and also by two overland paths. There were 4 large annual trade fairs in the city, which not only served population of surrounding regions but also attracted many outreach trade. Zaporizhzhya has received the new impulse of development in the second half of XIX century. The formation of Zaporizhzhya industrial zone started, involving a lot of foreign capital, especially German. In the beginning of XX century there were 65 operating enterprises: Among those were seven agricultural equipment producers, five brick tile factories, one brewery, three soap factories, one sawmill, eight large steam mills, ten mechanical works and thirty crude craft workshops. The real industrial and construction boom began in the 1930s, when the Dnipro hydroelectric plant was built. This gave boost to development of advanced metallurgical complex in the region. Mechanical engineering became another growing industry in Zaporizhzhya. The city became one of the most important industrial centers not only for Ukraine but also for the rest of Europe.