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Industrial and Agricultural Orientation

Zaporizhzhya region host several large manufacturers of electric power, high quality steel, ferroalloys, color metals, abrasive and cable product, power transformers, different equipment including agricultural machinery and cars.
The largest share in the structure of GDP of the region is occupied by heavy industry - 46%. Other branches are:
· agriculture - 15.1 %
· construction - 5.6 %
· rest of manufacturing branches - 0.3%
· non-manufacturing branches - 33%

The volume of industrial output in the region is 8.2% of Ukrainian GDP. Among the branches the first place in total volume of industrial production is taken by the enterprises of heavy industry - electric power production and metallurgical complex - 75.1%, mechanical engineering and steel processing - 14.3 %, food and treatment industry -6.9%.
The share of other industries, including chemical and petrochemical, light and. glass production comprise another 4.7%.

More than 25 % of all electric power in Ukraine is generated in Zaporizhzhya region. The most important is Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant.

The metallurgical complex of the area is represented by the enterprises of black and color metallurgy, including such joint stock companies as:
· "Zaporozhstal”
· "Dniprospetsstal"
· Zaporizhzhya Factory of Steel Alloys
· Zaporozhcoke
· Zaporizhzhya Aluminium Factory
· Ukrgrafit
· Zaporizhzhya Titanium Magnesium Factory

The mechanical engineering of the region is characterized by high-tech products mainly specialized on aircraft engines production by JSC "MOTOR SICH", cars by JSC “AvtoZAZ” and transformers by JSC " Zaporozhtransformator ".
The companies “Azovkabel" and "Yuzhhydromash” are also important enterprises.

As for significant volumes of agricultural production, an important place is taken by the enterprises of food processing industry including JSC "Zaporizhzhya Meat Processing and Packing Factory", JSC “Melitopol Meat Processing and Packing Factory”, JSC "Zaporizhzhya Sunflower Oil Mill".

The enterprises of the light industry make clothing (the largest ones - JSC "Selena" and "Elegant”), footwear, washing machines, tape recorders and furniture.
The gross volume of agricultural production in 1996 made 32% of total volume of output.
The total area of the agriculturally used land in the region is 2,240.7 thousand hectares or 5.4% of the Ukrainian agricultural land including arable lands – 1,903.6 thousand hectares, with 263.4 thousand hectares being irrigated. Branch structure of the agricultural production:
· planting - 49.6%
· breeding - 50.4%

The main output product - grain, sunflower seed. The southern areas are specialized in gardening. The productive cattle breeding, pig breeding and poultry-farming are also highly developed.

The majority of former collective-farms in the area have undergone ownership restructuring and are now jointly owned by workers. The average size of each share is 7.8 hectares. There are total about 2000 farms in the region utilizing 70.9 thousand hectares of farmland, including 67.2 thousand hectares of arable lands.

The construction complex is well-developed too consisting of 214 enterprises, 81% of which are privately owned