The Zaporizhzhya region has an advanced transport system. The network of highways with total length of 6680 km links populated areas in the region. Strategically important highway Moscow - Crimea passes through the region. The network of railroads connects Zaporizhzhya with main regions of Ukraine and other countries. Zaporizhzhya also has direct access to large navigable artery - the river Dnipro, which flows from the north to the south through all Ukraine. River transportation also plays and important role in transport system of the Zaporizhzhya providing efficient transportation for bulky goods. Berdyansk seaport (on Azov Sea) is a marine gate for Zaporizhzhya region. The Zaporizhzhya international airport is currently undergoes major renovation and enlargement, upon completion of which it provides fast and convenient access to the region. It will be capable to accept large passenger and freight aircraft.
The region has ramified telephone network and the systems of cellular (GSM and NMT) and pager communication providers. There are several fast-speed internet lines providing easy e-mail and internet access.