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Scientific and Technologican Potencial

Zaporizhzhya area has highly developed scientific and technical complex. There are 50 researchers and designers working in the areas like high quality steel and alloys production, titanium and semiconductor materials, power electric equipment, high-voltage transformers, auto-transformer equipment and aircraft engines. High priority is given to energy and resource-saving technologies. Many scientific research results have been recognized as inventions and are protected by patents.

Among the recent are:
· new coilgraphite materials
· advanced abrasive production technologies
· construction materials and technologies
· plasma technologies
· and waste processing

There are several projects, which have received recognition far outside Ukraine and often lack foreign analogues: the engines for the AN 140 and AN 70 airplanes, the electric power station ЕTO-1000, the sonar system for revealing ecologically dangerous technical objects and other products.