Tourism, Culture, Sport

Zaporizhzha enjoys favorable for leisure climate typical for Southern Ukraine. Many tourists and holiday-makers are attracted each year by wonderful riverside landscapes of the Dnipro river, sunny climate, warm and uniquely tender Azov Sea. The further development of the tourist and leisure infrastructure in Zaporizhzhya region requires additional investment. High initial expenditures maybe be justified by fast potential returns typical for tourist business, however.

Zaporizhzhya cultural life is rich in its content. Lots of interesting evidence from Zaporizhzhya past can be found in museums. There are several theatres, cinemas and art exhibitions where paintings and other artistic items are open for public all year-long seven days a week.
The Zaporizhzhya symphonic orchestra is recognized as one of the best in Europe. Festival and concert life of the region is full of events too.
For those who like mass sport Zaporizhzhya provide interesting and exciting opportunity to attend different local and international events hosted by the region.