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Visa Requirements

For the USA

General Provisions

Passport and Visa required. Visas should be obtained from the Consular
Office of the Embassy of Ukraine in Washington, D.C. and Consulates General
in New York and Chicago. No visas are required for citizens of the countries
of the Commonwealth of Independent States and Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak
Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Mongolia and Republics of the former
Yugoslavia (except Slovenia and Croatia).

Visa Types

Based on the purpose of entry, a BUSINESS, TOURIST, PRIVATE or a TRANSIT
VISA is granted. IMPORTANT: Since only one type of visa is issued per entry,
the primary purpose of entry should be stated in the application form and
the supporting document related to this purpose must be provided. No group
visas are provided.

How, When and Where to Apply

Each of the above visas may be applied for at the most convenient Ukrainian
Consular Office on the original visa application form, which can not be
duplicated. At the Consular Office applications are accepted in person only
from 9:15 am till 11:30 am. For applicants' convenience documents may be
submitted to the Consular Office by mail, messenger or courier (FedEx, DHL,
UPS or others) services. Any application received on Saturday, Sunday and
official Ukrainian (January 1 & 7, March 8, May 1-2 & 9, June 6, June 28,
August 24, November 7-8) or American holidays will be considered received on
the next business day. IN THE US ALL VISAS MAY ALSO BE APPLIED FOR AT: the
Consulate General of Ukraine in New York (240 East 49th Street, New York, NY
10017. Tel: 212-371-5690; Fax: 212-371-5547; web site:
http://www.ukrconsul.org) and the Consulate General of Ukraine in
Chicago (10 East Huron St., Chicago, IL, 60611, tel.: 312/642 4388; fax:
312/ 642 4385; web site: http://www.ukrchicago.com).

To better serve you, we request that you do not call regarding your visa status as that may interrupt our processing.

For All Visas the Following Must be Submitted

1) A valid passport, re-entry permit or refugee travel documents. Copies are not acceptable.

2) One completed application form printed or written in block letters.

3) One recent passport size photograph.


Effective September 15, 1999 ONLY ORIGINAL revised visa application forms are accepted. Original visa application forms may be received by an
individual traveler to Ukraine, either appearing at the Consular Office in person to submit the documents or requesting the form by mail. If you request the forms for a group of travelers please provide a copy of the invitation letter. (When requesting the form by mail, please enclose a return self-addressed prepaid envelope).

No invitation letters are necessary for US, Canada, Japan citizens and citizens of the countries of the European Union for obtaining official, business, private and cultural and sporting visas.



(except citizens of the above - mentioned countries)

An invitation (legible fax version accepted, scanned e-mail copies are not acceptable) from a legal entity duly registered in Ukraine, typed on its letterhead containing its official address and telephone number, signed by an authorized officer (other than the applicant) of the entity, bearing its seal and accompanied, when applicable, by a clear copy of its valid Certificate of Registration in Ukraine. The invitation must detail the purpose and if necessary the number of visits, exact travel dates, cities and/or towns to be visited and provide basic passport data of the invitee.


A letter of invitation from a Ukrainian religious organization for a foreign missionary must contain or be accompanied by a written confirmation under the signature and seal of a responsible official of the State Committee of Ukraine on Religious Matters or of the department on religious matters of a regional or city administration depending on where the sponsoring organization is registered.


For individuals providing humanitarian aid, a visa is issued on the basis of a letter of support from the Committee on Humanitarian Aid of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, or of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea or from a similar institution of an Region or of Kyiv or Sevastopol Executive


A request for a visa typed on a Ukrainian travel agency's letterhead, signed by its manager and accompanied by a printed itinerary of the applicant's visit listing the cities and/or towns to be visited and the names of hotels the tourist will be staying at, exact dates of accommodation with confirmation numbers as well as the Consular Reference Numbers of the Ukrainian authorized travel agencies which will provide services to the tourists in Ukraine.


1.) for a home stay visit - only original invitation issued in the applicant's name by a local Visas Permits and Passports Department Office (VVIR) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine where the sponsor permanently resides;

2.) for a burial site visit - an original Ukrainian Red Cross official confirmation of an existing grave of the applicant's blood relative;

3.) for medical treatment - an official notification from the medical establishment providing treatment to the applicant;

4.) for employment (including lecturing) for periods each exceeding three consecutive months-a labor authorization document - (DOZVIL NA PRATSEVLASHTUVANNIA) in the name of the applicant issued by the Ministry of Labor of Ukraine and obtained for him/her in advance by the employer in
Ukraine (a business visa is required for each entry with the same purpose for a periods under three months).

IMPORTANT. Those wishing to enter Ukraine for PERMANENT RESIDENCE should call the Consulate for further clarification before submitting an application.


A valid visa to the next country to be entered or, if such is not required, other documents which confirm entry into that country or a confirmed one way or round trip ticket for train or ship travel from the point of entry into Ukraine to the point of entry into the next country from Ukraine or if traveling by automobile - a statement by the owner of the automobile. This visa does not authorize an applicant's stay in Ukraine and is not required for a non-stop flight over Ukraine.

Visa Duration

a) SINGLE or DOUBLE-ENTRY BUSINESS or TOURIST VISA - up to 6 months for US citizens and up to 3 months for non - US nationals and stateless persons;

b) SINGLE-ENTRY PRIVATE VISA - up to 6 months for US citizens and up to 3 months for non - US nationals and stateless persons;

c) MULTIPLE ENTRY BUSINESS VISA - up to 3 years for US citizens and up to 12 months for other nationals. Multiple entry visas can be issued in accordance
with a decision of Consul General within 9 business days only to business visitors with an official confirmation letter from receiving party in Ukraine;

d) TRANSIT VISA - up to 5 days (a period of time sufficient to cross Ukraine by train, ship, automobile or other mode of transportation).

IMPORTANT: The approved length of stay in the visa is determined in each case by the period indicated on the application form but in no case can it exceed the period of time indicated in the supporting document (visa of the country of destination, confirmed one-way or round trip ticket or a cruise itinerary).

Visa Fees

Money order or company check made out to the Embassy of Ukraine in Washington, D.C. Cash and Personal checks are not accepted. Two money orders
or company checks are required:

Application fee is $ 45* and additionally - visa fee:

Type of operation
9 - business day processing
3 - business day processing

1. Single entry visa

2. Double entry visa

3. Multi entry visa

Transit Visas

1. Single entry transit visa

2. Double entry transit visa

*Attention: This is charged for every kind of visa, not refundable.

Multiple entry visa (valid up to 3 years) can be issued within 9 business days only.

Visa fee is waived for:

- students - US citizens (proper invitation required)

- children under 16 years of age.

If applying by mail, a self-addressed, prepaid express envelope is required. For FedEx, UPS and AirBorne Account number is required. Credit Card number is not acceptable. When there is no enclosed prepaid, self-addressed return envelope or a courier service's air bill, the travel document can, upon its owner or other submitter notarized request, be kept at the Consulate without charge for personal pick up.

Adjustment to a Visa

After a visa is received, it should be checked for accuracy and returned to the Consular Office, if necessary, for corrections. The Consular Office shall not be responsible for any discrepancies, which were not brought to its attention. If there is a necessity to adjust a visa, it may be done as long as it is permitted by the supporting document.

Visa Releasing

When an application is submitted in person a numbered receipt is issued to the submitter. This receipt should be presented at the Consular Office when the visa is claimed. The travel document will be released to the submitter of the receipt unless its owner or other submitter has provided other written notarized instructions at the time of the application. If the receipt is lost, the travel document will be released to its holder or at the written notarized request of the holder to his/her appointee. If the travel document is to be mailed back, a prepaid, self-addressed return envelope or a courier service's air bill is required from the submitter.
When there is no enclosed prepaid, self-addressed return envelope or a courier service's air bill, the travel document will be kept at the Consular Office without charge for personal pick up. The Consular Office is not responsible for lost, damaged, misdirected, or late - delivered mail.

Registration in Ukraine

Holders of a BUSINESS or a PRIVATE VISA, excluding children under 16, crew members, transit visa holders and visitors staying less than three days, are
required to have their sponsors register their travel documents within 72 hours of arrival at the appropriate institutions which should be known to the sponsors. The registration requirement is automatically met for holders of a TOURIST VISA with their registration in hotels.

Additional Information

For flights to Ukraine please contact:

"Air Ukraine" (National Airlines - the only one Airline with non-stop service to Kyiv) tel.: City Office: (212) 230-1001; Airport Office: (718)632-6909; "Ukraine International Airlines" tel.: 1-704-841 3636; web site: http://www.ukraine-international.com.
Please, be advised that these provisions are subject to change without prior

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