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Ukraine has inherited from the past a well-developed and multifunctional system of education. The establishment of the national education system is based on the new legislative and methodological grounds.

The higher education in Ukraine consist of higher educational establishments, scientific and methodological facilities under federal and municipal governments and self-governing bodies in charge of education. The legislation legislative sets the following educational and qualification levels of higher education - junior specialist, bachelor, specialist, master, as well as scientific degrees of candidate of sciences (assistant professor) and doctor of sciences (Ph. D.).

The Ukraine's State Higher Education System includes public and non-public Higher Education Institutions, both of them are mandatory and legally acknowledged and controlled by the state through the educational activity's licensing mechanism and accreditation.

Currently, Ukraine's higher educational system comprises of:

  • 327 technical vocational schools
  • 216 vocational schools
  • 117 colleges
  • 149 institutes
  • 2 conservatories
  • 48 academies
  • 81 universities.

There are

  • 1636 400 students(1.11 million students of universities and institutions)students
  • 119 800 lectures
  • 43 100 professors and associate professors in Ukraine.

    The average professor/ student ratio in Ukraine is 13.6