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Ukrainian Distance Learning System

About UDL System

With great commitment to Distance Learning, we are the pioneers and leaders in use of WEB technologies for designing, developing and providing business-oriented online courses and programs in Ukraine.
We consist of educational institutions, corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations partnering together to build value through the innovative application of new information technology to education.
UDL System consolidates all professionals at the highest standards of education and market-oriented development. Thus, the UDL System is not only a distance education service provider, but also a public union addressed to identify how excellence in higher education can be defined and achieved in the third millennium.

The Objectives of the UDL System are:
· Broaden the scope of educational services in Ukraine by implementing the WEB technologies to make education and research more efficient, accessible, and more interaction. Provide instruction via distance learning to businesses and individuals in Ukraine using CD-ROMs, email, and the Internet;
· Provide professional development in distance education, web course design for on-line teaching;
· Join market research and distance learning promotion;
· Create common course portfolio and develop professional certificate programs, and distribute them to students, entrepreneurs, managers and corporations on the base of Partnership for Distance Learning Development (PDLD);
· Assist universities and business schools in using multimedia, telecommunications networking technologies to force promotion of their product and services in business environment;
· Conduct research in pedagogy and methodology of on-line learning;
· Provide the skills, resources, and information to support the continued growth of distance learning in business throughout Ukraine.

Vision 2001-2005

    Vision 2001

Sustainable Distance Learning System for professional and business development.

    Vision 2003

An acknowledged inter-university scientific and practical institution (organization), that effectively employs the new pedagogy and information technologies in business and management education in Ukraine; and models the new learning environment for other fields of the education system of Ukraine.

    Vision 2005

Highly developed and competitive organization in the market of educational services, owing to an effective and flexible system of accumulation and utilization of scientific, business, financial and information resources. Impact: Formation of a qualitatively new learning culture in the framework of the involved institutions, enhanced by technology and revealed in three dimensions: a universal self-organized student, existence of a working network of professional development and research of faculty; and the appreciation of the phenomenon of continuous learning.

Activity Directions
Universities and other educational institutions interested in introducing or disseminating educational and consulting services using up-to-date Web-technologies are welcome to collaboration.

Course Design for Online Teaching
We welcome teachers-innovators to collaborate with us: if you are looking for new ways of implementing new possibilities of knowledge transfer, expanding your "audience" through teaching your courses on-line (at a distance), but feel lack of technical and methodological training.
We will help you make your ideas come true by offering you the following services:
· Professional development in the field of distance education (technologies, design and methodology of distance teaching)

    You will have a chance to make certain of the opportunities and perspectives distance learning is offering you, you will learn how to work with courses for distance learning, will be able to design on-line courses on the UDL System Platform independently, you will get qualified support and assistance in the issues of technical organization and conducting distance learning as well as advanced multimedia technologies and methods of teaching in virtual environment. You are welcome to join our Alumna of UDL-experts who are willing to stare their experience and knowledge with you.

· Learning the basics of HTML and Web-page design.
· Adaptation of course materials for learning through the Internet.

    After analyzing the customers’ needs, we will help you plan and structure your course very clearly, adapt and install your educational materials on the UDL System Platform. You will also master synchronous and asynchronous communication tools and knowledge assessment. Qualified UDL experts will consult you on a regular basis.

Online Course Promotion
Having created a distance course/program, we assist in promoting it to the business education market in Ukraine. This area of our activities consists of the following steps:
· Piloting and Presenting courses and programs in business and academic environment
· Tutors Retraining
We provide on-site technical and methodological training to tutors who obtained the license for using a course for education purposes.
· Providing consulting and educational services by experts
An expert, who is the author of a course, remains a key person in the process of distance learning. He/she provides expert services, methodological recommendations to the course and monitors the quality of tutors' instruction.
· Technical support
We guarantee constant qualified technical support during the whole process of distance learning. In case experts, tutors or students have any technical questions or problems, they can contact our technical experts directly.
Educational Services
If you wish to become one of the participants of the learning environment, after registration, we offer you the preliminary orientation course “How to study through the INTERNET”, which consists of the following aspects:
· Getting acquainted with the Web learning platform and obtaining skills of e-learning and communication in the virtual environment.
· evaluation and professional editing of your resume, your personal Web-site development and its hosting on the UDL System platform.

Develop your career in the right direction - anytime, from anywhere.

UDL System offers you on-line courses in Business Management developed by faculty-experts of the most prestigious business schools in Ukraine who are experienced professionals in their field and who have taken a specialized training in on-line teaching.
Advantages are obvious:
· You are able to study according to your own schedule;
· You can enter into relations and have useful contacts with representatives of business circles in the area you are interested in;
· You do not have to come to campus, we will bring the classroom to you.

Using a variety of technological tools, we guarantee the high-quality and interactive process of learning. UDL Platform tools allow you to contact teachers, course-mates and consultants directly.

R&D in Distance Learning
"Role of Distance Learning in Business and Project Management"
Joint research project with the Open University (UK), New York Carnegie Corporation and International Research and Exchange Council (IREX), Global Systems and Simulations Analysis Association/USA, Loyola College in Maryland (USA), and Consortium of Enhancement of Ukrainian Management Education (CEUME).
"Ukrainian Distance Learning System: American-Ukrainian Cross-Cultural Approach" - 6th International Conference on Asynchronous Learning Networks - ALN 2000 (Sixth International Conference on Asynchronous Learning Networks): Creating viable on-line learning environments, University of Maryland University College in Adelphi, Maryland, U.S.A., 3-5 November 2000.
"Business Education in Ukraine on the base of Open Standards and Partnerships/Global University System" - THE WANDERSTUDENT 2000 CONFERENCE, European Virtual University, Leuven, Belgium, 20-21 October 2000.

General Information for Admission

You may take courses through the UDL System without being admitted into academic programs. However, if you think you may decide to apply for admission, you should complete an on-line Registration Form and then have a talk with your adviser in order to ensure that you take appropriate courses. Your adviser will contact you via e-mail as soon as possible after your registration. After successful admission you will receive all necessary information and instructions on how to access registered courses and your access code.
Admission contact information: Phone: +380 322 52-26-81; Fax: +380 322 52-44-63; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Minimum Enrollment
We need at least six student in a course in order to conduct the course. We will notify you if a course for which you are registered must be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.

On-line Course/Program Requirements
UDL System Courses and Programs are for those who are self-motivated and communicate effectively through reading and writing. It will be helpful if you have some basic word processing and computer skills.

Each class will have a set of written requirements for participation established by the teacher/instructor as part of the syllabus.

Tuition &Fees
At the epoch angle of the UDL System activity all courses are delivered free of charge.

“The dawn of the twenty-first century is accompanied by a digital revolution and economic globalization in the new economy. We are moving towards a global knowledge society where information, skills and competencies become the driving force of social and economic development. How can we transform the huge flow of information going through us into knowledge, how can we select what will be necessary in future?
Ukrainian Distance Learning System (UDL System) offers you to become a member of the virtual learning environment, which applies multimedia distance learning technologies and methods for knowledge transfer, growing and assessment. The art of knowledge management is the necessary element of competitiveness and development”, - Ihor B. Katernyak, UDL System Manager.

Address: 57, V. Chornovil Avenue, Lviv, 79601, Ukraine,
Phone: (380322) 522-681
Fax: (380322) 524-463
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Institute of Continuing Education at Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University

The Institute of Continuing Education was founded within the University in 1949. Its main tasks are to provide the second higher education in the fields that the University is licensed by government to give and to improve qualification of specialists in various profession lines.

The Institute trains specialists in following fields

  • accountancy and audit
  • finances and credit
  • economic of enterprises
  • international economics
  • industrial management
  • international economic relations
  • international law
  • law
  • statistics
  • psychology
  • social pedagogic
  • journalism.

    A candidate is given an Institute admission depending on a result of an interview. The study is conducted on an extra-mural basis. The term of studies varies from two to three years depending on the chosen field.

    As a step forward distance learning education Institute started study material distribution in electronic form via floppy, CD, local net.

    Address : 36 Vasylkivska Street, Kyiv, 03022
    Phone : +380 44 263 71 22, +380 44 263 01 84
    Fax : +38 (044) 263-71-32
    E-Mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  • International Research and Training Center UNESCO/IIP of Information Technologies and Systems

    International Research and Training Center UNESCO/IIP was created in 1986 on the base of the Department for Dialogue and Education systems of Glushkov Institute of Cybernetic which had been making research in the field of computer education since the late 1960s. Right from the start the Center maintained international cooperation with foreign specialists and UNESCO which enabled it to test original computer technologies of education in many countries of the world. The experience amassed by the Center gives grounds to speak about creation of the Ukrainian school of computer education. In 1992 the Center was granted with the status of the International Research and Training Center UNESCO/IIP (Inter-governmental Informatics Program).

    Center participates in some international projects, supported by UNESCO, DG XIII of EC, ELSNET, The Eurasia Foundation (USA), British Council. Center demonstrates a good example of international support for its infrastructure development. Starting in 1995 Copernicus 1445 Project with several standing along PC. s and e-mail access the IRTC organized Computer-based Didactic Lab with heterogeneous LAN containing Digital Internet Alpha Server, NT-server and full Internet available on each working places equipped mostly with IBM PC 486.

    Next level of infrastructure development will be achieved within the work financed by French National Commission of UNESCO, French Ministry of National Education and Participation Program of UNESCO. This project will be devoted to creating multimedia telematic-based didactic laboratory at the IRTC with links to the leading French and European educational centers. At the and of 1996 IRTC became to work as Educational Resource Center of STACCIS Project financed by DGXIII of CEC and UNESCO.

    In the end of 1996 the first Distant Learning Project in Ukraine was carried out: a distant learning of a DORI ("Distant Teaching to Work with Internet" in Russian language). The course was intended to train users main Internet services and was offered to public at free basis. The development and dissemination of the course was sponsored by the Eurasia Foundation and UNESCO - EU SU 1116 STACCIS Project. Prehistory of DORI project was as follows. In 1995 a group of scientists and educators from the Twente University (the Netherlands), the University of Exeter (UK), UNESCO International Research and Training Center at Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics (Ukraine), Kaunas Institute of Technology (Lithuania) and University of Sofia (Bulgaria) joined their efforts in the "Flexible and Distance Learning through Telematics Network: a Case for Teaching English and Communication and Information Technologies" Project financed by DGXIII of CEC as Copernicus 1445 Project.

    Major results of this massive experiment were as follows:

  • Despite all negative factors, the Ukrainian people are ready to learn and work in the telematics informational environment.
  • Many Ukrainian teachers are very interested to use a telematics-based distant courses in their work.
  • During their studying distant students receive open, easy and simple access to distributed learning resources, tutors and experts in the field.

    Two distant courses have been developed within Copernicus 1445 Project. The IRTC distant students can work in 1997, with the following WWW-based courses:

  • Interactive "Communication and Information Technologies" distant course with knowledge assessment (Technological module);
  • "How to Develop Your Own Distant Course" Distant Course (Applied module for teachers).

    Address: Prospect Acad.Glushkova.40, Kiev 252187, Ukraine.
    Contact person - Dr. Svetlana Kudrjavtseva, Head of Dialog and Tutoring Systems Department .
    E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  • Virtual & Distant Learning Laboratory, Kharkov State Technical University of Radio-electronics

    Since January 1998 the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Information Systems of the University is doing research in the domain of distance education. General objective of this work is to develop the possibilities for implementation and development of distance education activities, especially Virtual University, in the Kharkov State Technical University of Radioelectronics (KhTURE). This includes the development of both methodology and technology for distance education as well as networking with other Ukrainian higher education institutions and organizations from EU-countries. Also one of the main goals is to train appropriate staff for working in the Distance Education Center.

    KhTURE is one of the main universities educating specialists for the Information Society Program of the Ukraine. It consists of the Institute of Computer and Information Technologies and the Institute of Radio and Electronics. The University educates students on 25 specialties and gives more than 1000 diplomas to high quality specialists each year.

    The curriculum includes courses related to distance education, information systems, Internet, virtual reality, intelligent agents, computer supported co-operative work, Web-design and others. The new specialty has partners from the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, University of Jyvaskyla and exchange agreement. There is going-on academic exchange between KhTURE and University of Jyvaskyla partly supported by the scholarships' programs of CIMO (Center for International Mobility, Academy of Finland) and COMAS (Graduate School in Computing and Mathematical Sciences, University of Jyvaskyla).

    The main result of the AIIS department activity in distance learning is development of the project for the Ministry of Education of Ukraine and creation of initiative Distant & Virtual Learning Laboratory (DVL Lab.).

    The basic activities within the framework of laboratory are the following:

  • Development of new methods and techniques of distance learning on the basis of new information technologies;
  • Development of experimental electronic courses;
  • Creation of electronic libraries and funds of the electronic educational literature;
  • Designing and development of the software for distance learning systems;
  • Designing of web-pages for distance learning systems;
  • Realization of experimental sessions of distance learning;
  • Support of international activity in distance learning and information systems.

    Address : app.165-4, Lenina av. 14, KhTURE, Kharkov, 310166, UKRAINE
    Phone: +380 (572) 409 438
    Fax : +380 (572) 409 113
    E-Mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it