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Ways of Privatization in 2000

The Privatization Program 2000 addresses the issues of privatization of the companies or controlling interests in the companies, which are of strategic importance to the national economy and security and operate in attractive industrial sectors. According to the Program, they are to be sold to industrial investors, who would bring capital into Ukrainian businesses, support their management development and lead them to new markets.

The Parliament of Ukraine (Laws of Ukraine)

Law of Ukraine "On the regime of foreign investments"
Law of Ukraine "On the list of state-owned enterprises prohibited from privatization"
Law of Ukraine "On Privatization of Assets of State-Owned Enterprises"
This Law determines legal regulation of privatization of state-owned assets
Law of Ukraine "On Peculiarities of Property Privatization in Agro-Industrial Complex"
This Law determines peculiarities of legal regulation of privatization of state-owned assets in agro industrial complex
Law of Ukraine "On Governmental Regulation of the Securities Market"
Law of Ukraine "On Business Associations"
This Law regulates the creation (founding, licensing), structure and management of various business entities. Privatized companies  must comply with these provisions

Presidential Decrees

Decree of the President of Ukraine "On urgent measures to accelerate privatization in Ukraine"
On some issues of privatization of enterprises belonging to the electric power complex

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (CMU) Resolutions

Resolution #1597
On sales of state share blocks (mostly 25%) in elevators

Resolution #911
On the approval of the “list of enterprises of strategic importance for the state economy and security”

Resolution # 1218
On Accelerating the Privatization of Grain Marketing and Distribution Enterprises

Resolution #1703
On the concept of distribution of powers between central and local state bodies regarding the management of state-owned assets

Resolution #1741
On the management of state corporate rights

Resolution #1471
"Regulation on the procedure and conditions for transfer to the state executive power bodies of the powers on management of state corporate rights"