National Anticorruption Program “Freedom of Choice” Coalition of NGOs of Ukraine

Projects official list

Project title
Project goal
Project timelines
1. Communications Development Center “Freedom of Choice” Coalition Secretariat Organizational and technical service for NAP participants, coordination of NAP activities (conferences, seminars) January 2000 –present
2. Center for Forecasting of Socio-Economic and Political Processes
Shadow Strategies of Economic Transformations Monitoring of shadow lobby technologies in the regions of Ukraine, in some industrial and agricultural fields as well as on some markets. To inform public about them. To work out the propositions to make the lobbying process more transparent. February 1997 - present
Transparent privatization in energy market of Ukraine Monitoring of privatization process and informing public on holding fair competence principles and transparent privatization procedures in energy market of Ukraine. The main objective of the project is to analyze and publicize the facts of breaking the fair competence principles in privatization process of Ukrainian energy companies. August 2000 - present
“Anticorruption Bulletin” (Newsletter of the National Anticorruption Program) To inform public about NAP activities and international experience in implementing of anticorruption projects; to analyze the peculiarities of corruption and shadow economy/politics and integrity forming strategies. April 1997 - present
International lobby experience and specific features of business lobbying in Ukraine Researching of international lobby technologies and specific features of business lobby technologies in Ukraine from the standpoint of their correspondent to democratic and market criteria. February 1997 - present
Publicly about corruption and shadow economy. Publishing of the materials about shadow business and political parties strategies in Ukraine and abroad in “Professional” magazine and in such newspapers as “Financial Ukraine”, “Business Week”, “Halytski Contracts”.
Publishing of the book “The National Interests of Ukraine and Corporate Lobby Technologies”. In this book the specific features of lobby technologies in gas, oil and aluminum markets of Ukraine have been researched as well as clans’ and corruption threats have been analyzed.
1997 – present
3. Young Entrepreneurs Club International Seminar “National Anticorruption Program: World Experience for Ukraine” Acquainting NAP participants with world experience in anticorruption activity of Bulgarian organization “Coalition 2000” and “Transparency International”. October 20-21, 2000
Informational-Consultative Center for Businesspersons Granting informational and juridical aid to entrepreneurs. 1st quarter of 2001
Research ”Imperfection of regulatory norms as the precondition for corruption” Analyzing the acting regulatory system of business activity to work out some recommendations for government structures to improve their services. February 2000 – present
4. Regional Initiatives Foundation “Land Relations Reform” Organizing and holding of public hearings on the problem of land relations reform in the regions of Ukraine. August December 2000
5. International Center for Perspective Studies Ukraine: “Public Voice” Program. Improving the state services and strengthening integrity through public response. Helping certain Ukrainian towns to improve state services for business structures and common citizens, to increase the level of integrity in this process. This project will also inverse citizens and officials to use the available information and to work on improving municipal governance. From the beginning of 2000 – present
6. Ukrainian Association of Socio-Economic Research, Management and Forecasting Integrity Codes for Ukraine Researching of world experience in elaboration and implementation of Codes of Conduct for state servants, entrepreneurs, PMs, and journalists. July 2000 – present
Competence strategies and corruption temptations Analyzing the competence strategies from standpoint of possibilities for corruption. August 2000 – present
Informational and analytical support of the NAP official web-site Providing NAP official web-site with informational-analytical support. September 2000 - present
7. Young Europeans for Security – Ukraine Game rules regulations on political market Researching the peculiarities of legal regulations of political parties’ activities and election campaign financing. August 2000 – present
Institute for Reforms “Open the door” Action. How to get public involved in the control of decision-making process at local level Formation of effective mechanism of social control over local authorities activities to improve their work and to prevent corruption.
Budget process – standing and open political process of using the financial resources To work out the models of analysis and presentation of different levels budgets.
Public hearing “Unity for the sake of Progress” To involve the general public in the process of searching for influence on legislative activity in business sphere in Ukraine. Is being realized
Educational Project Publishing “Economic Guide” for voters where the reasons for corruption and shadow economy will be explained. Is being realized
7. Internews-Ukraine A series of eight talk shows under the title “Who? What? Corruption” Discussing the specific corruption problems in those spheres which were identified as more favorable for corruption according to the results of sociological surveys and experts pollings and where the cooperation between state servant and citizen ends in bribery. July 2000


Zhytomyr region


1. Zhytomyr Regional Section of International Society for Human Rights-Ukrainian Section “Corruption as the example of rough violation of human rights” To create conditions for transparent government activity, work out propositions for local authorities and legislative bodies. Planned
“Center for Juridical Aid” Juridical aid to citizens suffered from corruption actions. Planned
Public Reception Room Helping people whose rights were broken as the result of some corruption actions. Is being realized

Chernihiv region


1. Chernihiv Public Committee for Human Rights Protection “Free juridical aid to unemployed people in Chernihiv” Professional lawyers will consult unemployed people on all interested them questions concerning the problems of corruption actions towards them. Is being realized



Poltava region


1. “For Professional Aid” Preparation of written recommendations and consultations for NAP NGOs participants To increase the level of awareness of public sector representatives on different methods of anticorruption activity. May – June 2000
Publishing of two anticorruption leaflets Legal information distribution and legal education of the citizens. Is being realized
Series of trainings for students and pupils; II International Conference “Access to Justice” Legal information distribution and legal education of young people. September 2000 – April 2001

Kirovograd region


1. “Helios” Volunteer Center Survey “Anticorruption Policy” Identifying the level of corruption spread, corruption rating in different societal spheres and effectiveness of anticorruption actions. April 2000
Cherkasy region


1. “Ango” Resource Center Preventing corruption during entrance exams to Cherkasy Engineering Technological Institute and Cherkasy State University Forming negative attitude towards corruption by holding telephone “Hot line”, by designing posters, leaflets etc. Completed
Specialists Fellowship in Industrial Managment Working out Cherkasy regional program for corruption preventing and its public discussion Planning of anti-corruption activity, involving the general public into this process. Completed


Ternopil region


1. Intellectual Youth Society, Ternopil Polling citizens of Ternopil on spreading of corruption Identifying the spheres where the level of corruption is the highest to work out the propositions for local authorities to take certain anticorruption actions. Completed
> To acquaint entrepreneurs with there rights in the process of communication with Tax and other state control bodies. Informational and legal aid to entrepreneurs. Is being realized
Informing public on facts of power abusing by state servants Ensuring transparent local government activity. Is being realized

Lviv region


1. Regional Civil Foundation for Human Rights “Law and Democracy” Monitoring on “Court Access for Ukrainian Citizens” Identifying the level of legal protection of Ukrainian citizens. Is being realized
Monitoring on “Living and Work Conditions in penitentiary establishments” Observation of prisoners’ and workers’ civic rights in penitentiary establishments. Is being realized


1. Ukrainian Renaissance Foundation Public control and battling corruption program Taking different activities in Drohobych district of Lviv region to inform society about nature of corruption and its negative consequences for society. To draw public attention to corruption practice in state institutions. Training of specialists in constitutional and administrative law to control the government activity in Ukraine (directed to the corruption curbing) and work with public in the region. To involve volunteers in this activity. Is being realized

Zakarpatsk region


1. “Our generation” Youth Union Monitoring of the activity of state bodies which work on producing and implementing of youth policy Standing informing and analysis of effective use of finance for implementing of youth policy. Is being realized



Kharkiv region


1. Women Association “Berehynya” Curbing corruption during entrance higher education institutions procedures To battle corruption during the entrance Harkiv higher education institutions. Temporary stopped
“For Land Reforms without corruption” Helping peasants to take an active part in land privatization, to protect property and land rights, to resist corruption. Planned for 2001

Donetsk region


1. Donetsk local NGO “Alliance” Seminars for young entrepreneurs: “Youth against corruption”, “Corruption in higher education institutions”, “State servants against small business enterprises”. To involve youth, entrepreneurs and students in the process of curbing corruption.
2. “Donetsk Memorial” Publishing the bulletin with Conventions on Corruption adopted by the Council of Europe To provide Ukrainian citizens with information about European anticorruption legislation. Completed
3. Donetsk Oblast Union of small and medium size business and tradespersons Entrepreneurs and journalists rights protection To consult entrepreneurs through regional newspapers. Completed
Public hearings on the problems of entrepreneurship supporting and development. To discuss legislation documents which regulate business activity, to make proposals for perfection of legislation at national and local levels. Completed

Luhansk region


1. Lawyers’ Club “Ukrainian Legislation against Corruption” Handbook for public reception rooms. Completed


Mykolaiv region


1. Mykolaiv Municipal Union “Municipal Initiative”(«МІ») Program “Curbing corruption at the level of local authorities” Lowering the level of corruption in local authorities in Mykolaiv region. Planned
Kherson region


1. Kherson Regional Council of Businessmen Free consultative “Hot Line” service for business people Informational-consultative and juridical aid to entrepreneurs. Standing
Round table “Cherson region – clean hands” Lowering the level of corruption in Cherson region. Planned