December 1999

The Secretariat of the “Freedom Choice” Coalition polled members of the Coalition on what they consider to be the most important problems in Ukrainian society. 45% named the problem of corruption.

January-March 2000

The initiative group has identified a temporary Working Group for the preparation of the Program.

The Working Group informed NGOs throughout Ukraine about the initiative on trying to realize the Program and about possible partners and prepared the Concept of the Program (hereafter, Concept).

Over a two-week period, from the time the initiative was announced, the Working Group gatherd a list of initiatives, projects and ideas that were submitted by interested organizations.

On the basis of the gathered initiatives, the Working Group begins to develop a comprehensive plan of activities for the entire timeframe of the realization of the Program and prepares projects.

The Program goes through a registration process that is in accordance to the procedures outlined in the Statement on the activities of the “Freedom of Choice” Coalition.

April-October 2000

Conference of participants in the NAP was held. The NAP project as presented at the conference was accepted as a basis for further work and development. The composition of the working group was ratified.

Official website of the NAP was created

Three issues of the “Anti-Corruption Bulletin” were published in Ukrainian and English (Newsletter of the Working Group of the NAP).

The NAP was prepared on the base of the experience and feedbacks of the World Bank, Management Systems International, Transparency International, International Development Law Institute (IDLI), Bulgarian Coaltion 2000, The Parliamentary Committee on the Question of Fighting Organized Crime and Corruption, and Parliamentary Committee in Regards to the Question of Legislative Ensurance of Law-Enforcement Activities.

Improvements on the NAP project were made based on the feedbacks received.

NAP members are being realized over more that 40 anti-corruption projects.

October 20-21, 2000
The International Seminar “National Anti-Corruption Program: International Experinece for Ukraine” was held. The main goal of this seminar is to analyze foreign experience and to adapt it to Ukrainian reality.

The official start of the Program was announced.

At present moment more than 125 organizations from all regions of Ukraine are member-participants of the NAP. We are looking forward to acquiring new members.