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Political Parties

Citizens` right to form themselves into associations is an inalienable right of a human being enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and is guaranteed by Ukraine`s Constitution and legislation. The State promotes the political and civil activity and creative initiative of citizens and provides equal opportunities for the activity of their associations.
In accordance with Art. 36 of the Constitution of Ukraine, citizens of Ukraine are entitled to establish political parties and community organizations to exercise and protect their rights and freedoms and satisfy their political, economic, social, cultural and other interests, except for cases provided by law in the interest of national security and public order, public health care, or protection of other people`s rights and freedoms.
In accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Associations of Citizens" of June 16, 1992, an association of citizens is a voluntary public-service organization established on the basis of community of interests for the joint exercise by citizens of their rights and freedoms. An association of citizens, irrespective of the name, is recognized as a political party or a community organization.
Art. 4 of this Law says that associations cannot be legalized, and the activity of legalized associations of citizens is prohibited judicially if their objective is:
· changing, in a violent way, the constitutional system and, in any form, the territorial integrity of the state;
· undermining the State`s security through pursuing an activity for the benefit of foreign countries;
· propaganda of war, violence or cruelty, nazism and neo-nazism;
· fomenting of national and religious enmity;
· creation of illegal paramilitary groups;
· restriction of universally acknowledged human rights.
The creation and activity of political parties whose governing bodies or structural centers are based abroad, as well as of any structural centers of political parties in the bodies of executive or judicial authority, or the Armed Forces, National Guards and Frontier Troops, public companies, organizations and government-owned educational institutions, are prohibited