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In 1991, the Ukrainian people realised their sovereign right to self-determination and as a result of this the new country - Ukraine appeared at the World Map. The state power in Ukraine is divided into legislative, executive and judicial. Constitution (the Main Law) of Ukraine enjoys the greatest legal power. Local self-governing is stipulated and guaranteed by the Main Law

Ukraine is the Presidential and Parliamentary Republic. Parliament - the Supreme Rada of Ukraine is the sole legislative body. Its constitutional membership is four hundred and fifty people's deputies. The President of Ukraine is granted with the power of the head of the state. He has the authority to speak for the state and he is the guarantor of the state sovereignty, territorial integrity of Ukraine, observance of the Constitution of Ukraine, civic rights and freedoms.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is the highest executive body. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is responsible to the President of Ukraine and under the control and accountable to the Supreme Rada of Ukraine. The Prime-Minister of Ukraine operates the Cabinet of Ministers, directs its work to the fulfillment of the Program of the Cabinet of Ministers approved by the Supreme Rada.
Judicial power in Ukraine belongs exclusively to the courts. The Constitution Court is the sole body of constitutional jurisdiction in Ukraine.
There are 24 administrative oblasts, Autonomous Republic of Crimea and two cities of republican authorization - Kyiv and Sevastopol - in Ukraine.