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State & Authorities

Central Bodies

President of Ukraine

Executive Branch

Cabinet of Ministers
State Committees
Central State Bodies with Special Status

Legislative Branch

Supreme Rada of Ukraine
Parliament Committees
Parliamentary Caucuses
Legal Boards
Other State Boards

Regional Administrators
Kuchma Leonid Danylovych
The President of Ukraine

11, Bankova Str., Kyiv 01220
tel 291-5333

Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine (Head)
Rada Regioniv (Holova 291-6448)
Rada Z Pytan Nauky Ta Naukovo-Tekhnichnoyi Polityky Pry Prezydentovi Ukrayiny (Head of Council 291-6448)
Vyscha Ekonomichna Rada Prezydenta Ukrayiny (Prezydent Ukrayiny - Holova Rady)
Cabinet of Ministers

Heads of the Cabinet of Ministers
Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
Service of Prime Minister of Ukraine

Ministry for Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine
Ministry of Agricultural Policy of Ukraine
Ministry of Culture and Art of Ukraine
Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
Ministry of Economy of Ukraine
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Ministry of Finance of Ukraine
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
Ministry of Fuel Supply and Energy of Ukraine
Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
Ministry of Justice of Ukraine
Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Ukraine
Ministry of Transport of Ukraine
Ministry of Ukraine on Crisis Situation Management and on Protection against the After-Effects of Chornobyl Disaster
State Committees

Higher Attestation Cttee of Ukraine
Main Department of Ukraine of Control and Inspection
National Space Agency of Ukraine
Pension Fund of Ukraine
State Cttee of Ukraine on Archives
State Cttee of Ukraine on Borders Defense
State Cttee of Ukraine on Building Industry, Architecture and Housing Policy
State Cttee of Ukraine on Communication and Informatization
State Cttee of Ukraine on Energy Savings
State Cttee of Ukraine on Forestry
State Cttee of Ukraine on Industrial Policy
State Cttee of Ukraine on Information Policy, Television and Broadcasting
State Cttee of Ukraine on Land Resources
State Cttee of Ukraine on Religion Affairs
State Cttee of Ukraine on Standartization, Metrology and Sertification
State Cttee of Ukraine on Statistics
State Cttee of Ukraine on Veterans Affairs
State Cttee of Ukraine on Water Resourses
State Cttee of Ukraine on Youth, Sport and Tourism
State Treasury Board of Ukraine
Central State Bodies with Special Status

Antimonopoly Cttee of Ukraine
Department of State Safeguard of Ukraine
Main Department of Civil Service of Ukraine
National Cttee of Ukraine for Regulation of Electro-energy Industry
Security Service of Ukraine
State Cttee of Ukraine on Regulatory Policy Issues and Enterpreunership
State Custom Service of Ukraine
State Department of Ukraine on Administration of Penalties
State Property Fund of Ukraine
State Securities Cttee of Ukraine
State Taxation Administration of Ukraine
Supreme Rada of Ukraine

Heads of the Supreme Rada
Heads of Parliament Committees
Leaders of Parliamentary Caucuses
Office of Supreme Rada
Committees of the Supreme Rada

Agrarian and Land Policy Cttee
Budget Issues Cttee
Construction, Transport and Communication Cttee
Culture and Spiritual Development Cttee
Ecological Policy and Chornobyl Issues Cttee
Economic Policy, Management, Property and Investments Cttee
Fight against Organized Crime and Corraption
Finance and Banking
Foreign Affairs
Freedom of Speech and Information Cttee
Fuel-Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Safety Cttee
Health Care, Maternity and Childhood Cttee
Human Rights, Ethnic Minorities and Inter-Ethnic Relations Cttee
Industrial Policy Cttee
Judicial Reform Cttee
Law-Enforcement Legislative Support
National Security and Defense Cttee
Parliamentary Regulations and Ethics Cttee
Pensioners, Veterans and Disableds Issues Cttee
Science and Education Cttee
Social Policy and Labour Cttee
Special Cttee for Privatization Control
State and Local Administration Cttee
Youth Policy, Physical Culture and Sport Cttee
Parliamentary Groups and Caucuses

"Revival of Regions"
"Solidarity" Group
Communist Party
Green Party
Labour Ukraine
People-Democratic Party
Rukh (People Movement)
Rukh 1 (People Movement)
Social Parties
Social-Democratic Party (United)
Non-aligned Deputies
Legal Boards of Ukraine

Constitutional Court
Supreme Court
Supreme Court of Arbatration
Higher Council of Justice of Ukraine
Office of Public Prosecutor
State Boards

State Treasury Board of Ukraine
Regional Administrators

Council of Ministers of Crimea
Supreme Rada of Crimea
Cherkasy Oblast State Administration
Chernihiv Oblast State Administration
Chernivtsi Oblast State Administration
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast State Administration
Donetsk Oblast State Administration
Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast State Administration
Kharkiv Oblast State Administration
Kherson Oblast State Administration
Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration
Kirovohrad Oblast State Administration
Kyiv Oblast State Administration
Luhansk Oblast State Administration
Lviv Oblast State Administration
Mykolayiv Oblast State Administration
Odessa Oblast State Administration
Poltava Oblast State Administration
Rivne Oblast State Administration
Sumy Oblast State Administration
Ternopil Oblast State Administration
Vinnytsya Oblast State Administration
Volyn Oblast State Administration
Zakarpattya Oblast State Administration
Zaporizhzhya Oblast State Administration
Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration
Kyiv City State Administration
Sevastopol City State Administration


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